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“We bring Sacramento to you!”


We tackle the issues, so that you can concentrate on running your RCFE business

Many people decide to find some other way to help in the elder care field when they see how much paperwork, how many continuing requirements, and how much regulation is involved in starting, opening, and maintaining a Residential Care Facility. It doesn’t have to be the nightmare that many make it out to be. However, make no mistake, the rules and regulations are plentiful, and new ones are added yearly.

At RCFC, Inc, we specialize in getting you and your care facility safely through and over the startup hurdles. Then, we continue to work with you just as little or as much as you need and want to make sure that your involvement as an owner-operator is smooth and flawless.

Spend a little time in this section of our website, and you will not only become aware of the many issues for which you need to concern yourself, but you will also begin to see how RCFC can save you time, money, frustration, and possible legal bills and fines that await the unwary and incautious.

This may be your first Residential Care Facility, but yours will be one of the hundreds that we’ve opened and consulted with over the years. Let our experience and knowledge speed up the process for you. Lean on us and let us take away some of the worry and sleepless nights you either have or will experience leading up to opening your first Residential Care Home.

We get you through the Sacramento bureaucracy

We stay with you and guide you through the process - start to finish.

  • Experienced and caring counseling for your RCFE business venture.
  • We have done what you do. We know the issues you are facing.
  • Whenever possible, we meet with you personally.
  • You are far more than a business client…you become a friend.
  • Through thick and thin, we’ll be there to help.
  • Depend on RCFC Inc.